Allison is a 200-hour registered yoga instructor and lifelong sports and fitness advocate.  Shortly after incorporating regular Pilates classes into her workout routine, she completed her mat and reformer training through Balanced Body.  Allison has enjoyed tremendous benefits practicing Pilates both as a student and a teacher, and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion with her fellow students.  

Candice was introduced to Pilates as a means of reconnecting with her mind and body after suffering a career ending back injury in tennis and later on an illness that prevented her from doing any physical activity for a year.  She found a new passion in Pilates and shortly after completed her teacher training in Pilates (mat, reformer, tower and chair) through Pilates Sports Center.  Through fifteen years of teaching experience in tennis and being a fitness advocate, Candice loves to find new ways to challenge herself and those teaches to reach a higher level of fitness and mind-body connection through Pilates.  

Candice has also completed her training in TRX and Bodhi Suspension System


Tiffany was a three-season athlete in high school.  She became dedicated to sports, athletic conditioning and fitness at an early age.  After graduating from Vanderbilt University, she practiced yoga for fifteen years, where she learned a deeper appreciation for the balance of flexibility and strength.  Tiffany first turned to Pilates to her rehabilitate her back after sports injuries prevented her from playing tennis and enjoying other high-intensity workouts.  She was so inspired by her own improvements that she decided to become a Pilates trainer and received her training from Balanced Body, to grow personally in her own practice of Pilates and to share her love of Pilates with others.