Cancellation Policy

• A strict 6 hour cancellation policy is required to avoid being charged for a confirmed class session NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Cancellations must be made online through your profile.  

• If you sign up a class, but come to a different class, you will be charged for both classes.
• Switching classes within the 6 hour cancellation will be considered a late cancellation, unlimited members will be charged a late fee.

• The only way to change class times without incurring a fee is to cancel out of the unwanted class at least 4 hours prior to the start time and sign up for another class.

• You may NOT leave a message, text message, email or voice mail to cancel a class.  

• Members with package classes will lose that session (absence without an ONLINE cancellation).

Waitlist Policy

• If you choose to waitlist for a class, please remember to check if you have been added to the class roster.  
• 2 hours prior to the class the system will automatically add you to the class.  
• If you did not receive an email about being added to the class, the system will still add you to the class automatically.  
• It is the client's responsibility to check their waitlist status.
• If you were added to class and choose to cancel 5 hours 59 minutes before class it is considered a late cancel, regardless of receiving an email.  Clients with packages will lose that class.   ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!
• Please make sure that you remove yourself from the waitlist if you know you cannot attend class prior to the 4 hour cancellation policy!  

• Text messages, phone calls, voicemails and emails are not accepted to remove from waitlist.  
• Late cancel and no show clients that have been automatically added to class with packages will have that class deducted from their package. 
• Within 1 hours 59 minutes prior to class if the studio or instructors contacts you about being added to the class from the waitlist and you cannot make it, it will not be considered a late cancel or no show.  

Expiration Policy

• 5 Class Packages (Barre & Apparatus) expires 2 months from purchase date.

• 10 Class Packages (Barre & Apparatus) expires 5 months from purchase date.

• 20 Class Packages (Barre & Apparatus) expires 5 months from purchase date.